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Business digitalization

IT Business conference

Business digitization, about the conference

IT4Business is the very first conference held in Subotica that aims to bring firms and companies that are not from the IT sector with those who are, together. Main reason for this is to show those companies the possibilities and benefits of information technology. 

The goal of IT4Business conference is to contribute to the development and implementation of information technology and digital solutions in the economy of the Subotica region and beyond.

We will demonstrate how companies in this region can benefit from one another by presenting the potential of those technologies and networking.


One-day event

IT4Business is a one-day conference that is being held in a beautiful space, where attendees will have opportunities to create new business possibilities in addition to listening to great experts.

Connecting business and IT

The goal of the event is to connect small, middle and large companies with IT professionals, to share the knowledge of new trends and possibilities that all companies can utilize.

Digital solutions in practice and latest trends

Lectures will help all attendees to keep up with global trends like internal organisation, security and how to implement new technologies and marketing.

Speed networking

Networking is the most important part of every conference and on IT4Business it will be highlighted through a special part of speed networking where all who are interested can participate in the fastest i most efficient way of meeting new colleagues and partners.